Why Buy a Demo or Courtesy Ford Vehicle?

Most car dealerships go to great lengths to take care of their customers. Often, part of that effort includes loaning cars for short periods of time to improve convenience for shoppers. Dealers loan out cars for a variety of reasons, from service appointment loaners to overnight test drives.

As a result of this service, these courtesy and demo models end up having higher mileage than other brand-new models. This mileage is usually extremely low, but dealerships usually will still knock off a chunk of the MSRP to compensate. Thus, shoppers can find impressive discounts on new models by looking at listed loaners.

Sarchione Ford has a great variety of courtesy and demo models for sale at our dealership near Randolph and Kent. Browse our offers to find great deals on popular models like the Escape, Explorer, and F-150. Then, swing by our location in person for a test drive!


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