Get to Know the Versatile and Unstoppable Ford Edge

We can't tell you how that guy gained access to the hotel room, but we can tell you all about the new Ford Edge.

Questionable hotel policies aside, this video demonstrates a couple of the best qualities of the 2018 Ford Edge. It's roomy, versatile, safe, and comfortable. And like Ted and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, you can listen to The Proclaimers (through an available crystal-clear 12-speaker audio system!) on repeat until you reach your destination.

Roomy and Versatile


The Edge occupies a wonderful niche in the SUV market. It's a midsize crossover, but it has seating for five, rather than seven, so passengers get lots of leg room and you have tons of cargo space. If you only need seating for five people (or fewer), the Edge gives you a great balance of generous space and manageable parking-lot-maneuvering size.

Just flip down a seat or two when you need more room for cargo and you're good to go! The rear seats split 60/40 so you can configure the cargo and seating arrangements you need.

Safe and Comfortable


As the guy in the video undoubtedly notices, the Edge can come equipped with automatic high-beam control and automatic windshield wipers. Along with adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning, a properly equipped Edge can ease the stresses of long highway trips and daily commutes.

Outfitted with the Cold Weather Package, the Edge can keep you cozy all winter with heated seats and steering wheel, windshield wiper de-icer, and all-weather floor mats.

Please be in touch with us if you have any questions about the 2018 Ford Edge models or financing a new Edge!


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